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By popular demand from thousands of loyal fans who have been asking “When is Kid Hip 
going to release a New CD?” and “Do you have a Birthday Song?”  Well not only does Kid Hip 
have a brand new Personalized CD, we have brought in Recording Artist Teresa Taylor.  
Teresa Taylor also sang and toured with Grammy winners Michael Bolton & Billy Preston.  
Wow that kind of talent on Kid Hip’s new CD, incredible!

Like Kid Hip’s first award winning, Platinum selling “You Rock” CD,
“You’re The Star” has the Childs name in EVERY song!  “You’re The Star” is also Fun, Encouraging 
and Educational and guaranteed to be your child’s new favorite music CD!

Kid Hip would like to thank all of our fans for 14 years of allowing us to teach, encourage, 
love and sing to our most treasured gifts, our children.   Thank youKid Hip
Song List

1.  Toys Toys Toys
2.  Animal Alphabet
3.  I Spy
4.  Eucalyptus Ukulele  (Long Vowel Sounds)
5.  Knock Knock Numbers
6.  Sugar Bugs (Brushing Teeth Song)
7.  Chicken Song
8.  Yummy Colors (Fruits & Veggie)
9.  Family Song
10. Big Birthday
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